1 Sticky, Closed: Raiding Team Requirements

by SweetGili

2 Sticky, Closed: Guild Charter

by Pocky

3 Guild name and tabard

by Saltan

4 WoD

by the wang abides

6 Hello ello ello

by Saltan

7 Connecting

by Paddox

9 Whats going on?

by Paddox

10 @wang

by Stringo

11 Oppan Wangnam Style!

by Pocky

14 Roshambo

by coogar

15 Ragnaros is Dead!

by Oriisa

16 AT&T = DUMB

by Oriisa

17 Progression!

by Layla

18 Shannox to the grave

by Layla

20 Georgia Aquarium

by looney

21 Hi

by Stringo


by Stringo

23 hyhachi

by hyhachi

24 Baby!

by Pepperry

25 Hola

by Payne

26 Boo

by Iokua

27 Yayness

by Phan

28 How are my Hackles??

by Blackwarrior