Topic: Guild Charter

Raising Hackles of Khaz Modan
Guild Charter

I.  Statement of Purpose
    Raising Hackles strives to be one of the top hybrid guilds on Khaz Modan, combining a progression-oriented raiding corps with a solid base of casual players.  We intend to steadily progress through end-game raiding content while not sacrificing the camaraderie that brought us all together and makes the game worthwhile, and we intend to be among the best on the server at doing this.

II.  Organization
A. Leadership
    The guild is led by an Officer Council, which makes its decisions by common consensus amongst the officers.  Each officer is available to talk to members and recruits when online, and each officer will handle the normal day-to-day running of the guild when they're around.
    Our currently active officers are Pocky and Mentoku.  Additional officers currently on hiatus are Carreden and Gili.
B. Membership
    1. Rank Structure
        1. Hackled Off -- lowest rank.  Silenced in guild chat.  Used for comedic effect on occasion.
        2. Guild Butthead -- Wang.  Used for Wang.  Who is in turn used for comedic effect on occasion.
        3. Hiatus/Newb -- recruit rank.  Used for folks just joining the guild for the first time.  Also used for toons of folks who haven't been online in a while so that, rather than kicking for inactivity, we can just make sure you can't raid the guild bank if you get haxxored.
        4. Gnome Stepchild -- alt rank.  Used for alts of our members.
        5a. Raiding Hackler -- full member.  Used for members who elect to join a raiding team.
        5b. Hackler -- full member.  Used for members who haven't joined a raiding team.
        6a. Raised Hackle -- full member and officer.  Surprisingly, used for the officers.
        6b. Raised Hackle -- full member and officer.  Used for the officer serving as guild leader, because masochism is fun.
    2. General Rules
        Membership is granted to a person after a successful recruiting period, at which point the individual may have a main character tagged, as well as any number of alts.
        Members are expected to generally be around and have a good time.  If a member anticipates being out of game for a while, they should let an officer know and post on the forums.  If you're out for over a month, we'll bump your toons down to Hiatus status until you come back just in case you get hacked; we'll repromote you as soon as you come back, though.  If you're out for a hella long time (for example, years), we may have to prune your toons from the guild -- if you come back, though, just let us know and we'll reinvite you.
        Members are not expected to spec their character(s) in any particular way and are encouraged to play their class the way that's the most fun for them.  However, we do expect members to keep their raiding team in the loop on any drastic changes in utility (resto to feral, for example).
        Members may change their mains if they have multiple characters tagged.  We would ask that you do this sparingly, though, because we don't want the headache of keeping track.  smile
        Everyone tagged with the guild is welcome to use our communal goods -- forums, Vent, and the like.  Non-members may use the Vent server when grouped with members.  Promotion to membership also allows one to make requests from the guild bank and, to the extent the guild bank remains solvent, for your repairs to be fully covered by the guild.
    3. Raiding/Social
        Once promoted to membership, an individual can choose to join a raiding team.  There is no distinction in terms of rank or status -- members are full members of the guild regardless of whether they join a raiding team.  This is simply done in order to facilitate the ability of the raiding teams to organize guild runs.
        Members are welcome on all guild runs regardless of whether they've joined a raiding team.  However, members who make a commitment to a raiding team agree to fulfill some additional responsibilities in exchange for having priority for that team's runs and receiving some additional perks from the guild.
        Members of raiding teams need to clear anything that significantly changes their utility or role in their group with their team leader first -- after all, the point of the raiding team is for runs to happen, so we need to be privy. Similarly, members of a raiding team need to talk to their team leader before changing mains. Members of raiding teams are also expected to be available for their team's runs each week.  In the event of a run being overfilled, remaining on standby satisfies this requirement.
        In exchange for continuing to follow these rules, a member of a raiding team receives priority for his or her team's runs. Members of raiding teams will also, to the extent the guild bank remains solvent, receive all necessary augmentations -- food, flasks, enchants, gems, etc. -- from the guild bank.
        All members and recruits may sign up for guild runs.  Each raiding team will fill spots as it sees fit, with the general rule being that members of that raiding team get first shot.  After that, it's up to the team leader -- open communication is key; don't just slap your name on a calendar event, but talk to the team leaders and see if they're anticipating any open spots and whether you'd be a good fit.
C. Applications
    1. General Rules
    Raising Hackles intends to recruit all-around good folks; we want people who are fun to play with and who are ready to hit and be successful in end-game content.  The minimum requirements to apply for membership are:
        -Knowing the rules in this charter and being willing to abide by them
        -Must be at maximum level (85) or be vouched for by a current member
    Additionally, to join a raiding team, a person must:
        -Maintain satisfactory attendance to the team's runs, and
        -Be of a class/spec that is currently needed by the team
    Recruits will be given an initial 2 week recruiting period to see if they're a good fit with the guild and if they have the skills necessary to play their class well.  Recruits intending to join a raiding team will also be expected to attend a sufficient number of raids during this period to be evaluated, while recruits planning to join the social group will be expected to be available for runs as needed and encouraged to participate.
    Recruits should be in contact with the officers throughout their recruiting period and share any concerns that arise.
    At the end of the two week period, the current membership will be given a chance to voice their opinion on the recruit, sharing their insights on the recruit's fit and abilities.  One of three things will then happen, based on the consensus reached in that discussion.
        1) Membership -- the recruit will be granted full membership and asked to choose whether to join a raiding team.
        2) Extension -- the recruit will be given an additional two weeks to establish fit; this would happen if the recruit wasn't around enough or didn't interact much during their initial period, and it can only happen once.
        3) Parting Ways -- the recruit raised serious concerns that they wouldn't be a good fit for the guild, so we'll wish them well in their future gaming.
    2. Process
    In order to apply for membership, an individual would first need to post in the Recruitment Forum here on the guild website.  There's an application template there; just copy it, paste it into a new thread, and plug away.
    The recruit would then need to find one of the officers (Mentoku or Pocky) in-game, let them know that there's an application in, and get tagged.
    The recruit period begins the day of tagging.  Two weeks thereafter, the conversation on the recruit's status will be opened; the results will be announced within 3 days (or earlier, depending on participation).
III.  Conduct
A. Guild Commandments
    1. Have Fun -- We're here to play a game and have a good time.  Drama is not welcome.
    2. Be Good -- We're in it to win it.  We expect everyone to know their class and pwn faces.
    3. Be Ready -- We have no weak links.  Know the strats before the raid.  Be prepared early, be present early. and kill shit -- unless you're a healer.
    4. Be Respectful -- We're all friends here. Respect each other.  Disagree, but do it respectfully.  Don't be a dick, in-guild or outside of guild.
    5. Be Helpful -- We're a family.  If a guildie needs something, help them.  If you run into someone that needs help, do it.  Our reputation depends on it.
    6. Be Around -- We don't abandon each other.  If you've gotta be gone for a while, make sure we know beforehand -- we don't want to worry about you.
    7. Be Honorable -- We do the right thing because it's right.  If you make a mistake, apologize and atone immediately.  Take the high ground in all situations -- don't respond to attacks, just /ignore the schmuck and let the officers know.
B. Guild Rules
    Basically, take the Guild Commandments to heart. Don't flamewar, don't complain, don't ninja, don't deguild as a protest or without letting us know what's going on (if you're just taking an alt out to create your own guildbank, that's cool -- just let us know first), don't violate the EULA/ToU/Blizzard rules, etc.  Do bring a sense of humor when you log on.  We're fun folks, and we joke around a lot.  If you're too serious, we'll taunt you mercilessly.  Also, do bring a spare pair of underpants on each toon.  We've got a lot of gnomes in the guild.
IV.  Raiding
    We'll be pwning faces, and we'll be doing it regularly and successfully.  This is how it's gonna work.
A. Teams
    There'll be some number (hopefully an integer greater than zero) of raiding teams.  These are likely to be 10-man teams, but hey, if some folks wanna go crazy and form a 25-man team, that's awesome, too.  Each team will have a team leader who will be largely autonomous in running its raids -- they'll set the times, handle the invites, handle the loot system, yadda and so forth.  In addition, guild raids will happen from time to time -- maybe a couple teams will decide to work together to throw a guild 25-man raid or we'll hit something old for cheeves and loot.  These will be posted on the in-game calendar as open guild events that anyone can sign up for.
B. Loot System
    There's no defined loot system that all raiding teams must use.  The general expectation is that, however a team decides to handle its loot, it should be well-communicated to the team and respectful of the folks who make the run happen.
C. Expectations
    1. Add-ons -- everyone in a raid is expected to have, at a minimum, a boss mod (DBM, Deux Ex or Bigwigs are preferred) and any other add-on necessary to play their toon effectively.  Everyone is also expected to be running Ventrilo, though a microphone is optional.
    2. Connectivity -- everyone in the raid is expected to have a reasonably reliable internet connection.  It becomes very difficult to complete a raid in a timely fashion when members are repeatedly disconnecting.
    3. Preparation -- everyone in the raid should be fully repaired and stocked with any food or flasks needed before raid time.  Everyone should also already have a firm grasp of the strategy for the likely fights that night.  Everyone should, at a minimum, be ready to accept an invite and be at the zone 15 minutes before the first pull.
    4. Focus -- everyone present is expected to be focused on the task at hand for the full raid time.  Team leaders will call AFKs as necessary; outside of these calls, AFKs should be kept to an absolute minimum.
    5. Attitude -- everyone should bring a fun attitude to a raid.  Shit happens, and shit will always happen -- if and when it does, you're expected to handle it with grace and dignity.  Have fun the entire time and don't let wipes get you down -- if we want to progress, we're going to have to put in our time licking the concrete to get there, so make the most of it and hop on a dead gnome when you can.

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