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I am just seeing about the state of things around the forum scene. It seems dead. I enjoyed using the forums a while back. So, I would like to again. Lets see if anybody still looks at the forums.

I am also inquiring about the raids. I believe that we are looking at Throne of Thunder. I need to know if the times/dates are set in stone and what we need to get going. I have been playing for the past 3 weeks now and the number of raiders signing up for the raids has gone down every week. I have some guys that want to raid, but are unorganized currently.

It's like having a pet with too much energy, They are just gonna get in trouble unless I can get them some exercise (Raids/Organized Activity)



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Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

My "heavy period," as Wang likes to call it, should be ending in 24 hours and 7 minutes (SINEDIESINEDIESINEDIESINEDIESINEDIESINEDIE), so I'll be substantially more active in the WoW scene starting the middle of this week.  Our usual course of business of late has been to try to get raids going on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8p server time, but that's open to change to suit folks' needs if some other days/times are better for getting a solid 10 together.

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Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

I got a shiny new job this week. As far as times go, i'll be back around 5 server. I play soccer with some guys on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 6-8, but i can make it after that.

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Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

I am a member of the guild and a friend of Paddox.

Lvl 90 Panda Mage (Frost)

Name: Twinpanda
Current In game Item Level: 490

Professions: Tailoring 600 (Alt Char. Leatherworking Cata leveled)

Wanting to raid!!!

Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

Hey this is Paddox's friend Solnight.

Lvl 90 Resto Shaman, ilvl 490
600 Herb/ 600 scribe

I am ready to raid and can raid on most nights.

I also have an alt not currently in the guild

Solfist, Lvl 90 WW Monk, ilvl 483
600 enchanter/ 600 tailor

Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

So, looks like the only limitation so far is Paddy being unavailable Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 (server, I presume?).  It seemed like we had a lot of bodies online tonight, so Wednesdays seem to be good days -- middle of the week has been kinda rough for the last few months, so maybe we want to pair up Wednesday with F or Sa or Su?

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Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

I am good with the Weds. and always enjoyed the Fridays when we could go late into the east coast time.

I am currently sitting just over 500 on the ilvl and will tank whatever!!

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Hey Pock do you want to fill out a line up card for raiding?

Something like;

I forgot the other pally name that was tanking
Voli (TK)

Melee DPS:

Ranged DPS:

None of those were in any kind of order, I basically just named anyone I have raided with in the last few months (Sorry to anyone I left off the list).  Could anyone make a more up to date version of this list? 

I think it will take the mentality of showing up for raids with the possibility that you won't get to go that night, but you still need your toon parked outside of raid ready to go.  Like back in the day we might want one raid make up for the first 2 bosses but a different make up for the next 2, hanging out in vent for bosses even if you are not in on the attempt so you can still hear strategies and learn from other's mistakes...  Things like that.  I am in for raiding if we establish a plan and get enough on board.  Spending hours each night making sure I'm raid ready only to not raid feels like a huge waste of time, and is the fastest way to get burned out on this game, anyone else feel that way?

I have no idea where my healing skills are these days (I have been healing lfr pre ToT but I don't think that tells me anything), I wouldn't mind trying to raid Terrace as practice for ToT, but I'm also ok banging my head on ToT to relearn how to priest heal.  Zep is at ilvl 497, and Saltan (Holy) is only ilvl 485 (badly need BP and 2x trinkets).

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Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

I'm gonna throw things up for Wed and Fri of the coming week, just to see how things go.  I'll throw up both events for ToT just for lack of a better destination, but I think maybe (depending on turnout and gear levels) we'll start off in MSV and just plow through the 5.0 stuff as best we can on Wednesday night -- it's a pretty steep (gear-gated) jump up to ToT, and I don't want folks to get discouraged if we go straight into that on Wed and hit a wall just because some folks still might be light on gear.  If Wed is a facerollfest through 5.0, well, we'll know we're in good shape for ToT on Friday. smile

That said, if folks are around tonight, maybe we can get some raiding action going, too; it's short notice, but if we happen to have 15-20 on again, wellll...we should use 'em. smile

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[Pocky]: otherwise, i'd have to teach sprout to be straight

Re: Testing the Waters / Raids

I'm available mostly Mon-Thurs. Sometimes I'm on Fri-Sun but mostly middle of the night.

Hydropwnick - DK ilvl 500 dps, 482 tank
Voli - Monk ilvl 489 dps or tank
Executioner - Hunter ilvl 491