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Read the following recruitment information!

Our core 10-man group is currently raiding on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, starting at 8p server time.  We'll be working on Mogu'shan Vaults until the additional raids come out, with any excess time spent cleaning up Cata heroic content and cheeves.  If we've got the folks and interest, we can run additional nights to get more content on farm or to bang out other content and achievements.

We can always use more folks who are capable of filling more than one role.  Currently, we could use a regular off-tank, a regular heal/deeps swing player, and a regular deeps.  We're overrepresented on druids at the moment, and we've got holes for warriors, paladins, death knights, hunters, shammies and mages.  Or, in other words -- if you wear plate or mail, you'll probably be the only person rolling on it. smile

We fund repairs for raiders, and you can count on having enchants, gems, flasks and food provided from the guild bank.

Then, copy this app and make a new post in this forum. smile



Spec (eg. Prot, Resto, etc.)

Provide an Armory Link to the toon you are apping with.

Tell us about yourself in 40 words or less* (bonus points for doing so in Haiku form):
(*Words will not actually be counted.)

How did you hear about Raising Hackles?

What experience do you have in previous content? Did you play back in Wrath, TBC, or vanilla -- if so, what was your level of raiding experience in that content?

What the heck is a hackle?
a. the offspring of a Gnome and a Tauren
b. a vegetable grown in Northern Nagrand
c. a rare mob in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

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