Topic: Raiding Team Requirements

Our charter allows for members to choose to join a raiding team.  This is what we expect of those who choose to do so.

We are all part of a team and the goal is success of the team as a whole. During a raid, each member performs a vital function. The following requirements are made with that goal in mind.  You will be expect to be the best you possibly can be because 9/24 people are relying on you to bring your utmost best at all times.

First and foremost, you should be intimately familiar with your class and up to date on information that will help you be the best you can be in that class.  You are also expected to keep up to date on issues related to your class. This means researching on sites known for theorycrafting and information. If you do not know where to start, ask an officer. Good sites include Elitist Jerks, Noxxic, and Ask Mr. Robot.

All gear should be properly enchanted and gemmed. We make the commitment to provide gems and chants for members of raiding teams, so you should make the commitment to make sure you've got them properly applied.  If you're not sure what gear augments you need, either Ask Mr. Robot or ask a fellow guildie.

You're expected to have enough food and flasks to make it through the run, and the guild has made the commitment to providing these to members of raiding teams.  You can do your part by dropping mats for feasts and cauldrons in the guild bank and by making sure you have whatever your toon needs (beyond the feasts or cauldrons that will be thrown down for the entire raid) before the runs start.

Quite simply, you're expected to perform well.  Off-nights happen; that's no biggie.  Meters also aren't the end-all and be-all of raiding.  That said, you're teaming up with 9 or 24 other folks to get something done -- don't leave any slack for the rest of the folks to pick up.

Official signups for all teams are done via the in-game calendar.  Each team will handle its own attendance, but as a general rule, you should be signing up at least 24 hours before a run and not making any changes within the 24 hours before a run, barring emergency (which should, in turn, be communicated to your team leader ASAP), and you should commit to being present for your team every time your team has committed to being present for you.

Encounter Knowledge
You are expected to keep yourself informed on current progression content. This includes reading strats and watching how-to videos.  From time to time the team leader might call a short afk so that everyone can review a strat video on a progression boss. These will generally be from one of three sites: Bosskillers, Icy Veins, or Tankspot.  If you cannot do this during play due to computer issues, you are expected to seek out the information you need on your own time.  The team leader may refer to one of these sites during a raid without dismissing for a video review, so please be familiar with them.

As a member of Raising Hackles, you are charged with the responsibility of representing your guild with honor, grace and dignity.  When you speak on Ventrilo, be mindful of the team leader and other raiders at all times. Do not interrupt anyone rudely and do not whine if your strat suggestion is not immediately adopted by the team leader. Discussion is important and suggestions are taken into consideration – that does not mean we will try each and every strat that is discussed. If you have a suggestion on strategy, please whisper the team leader to keep confusion in raid chat to a minimum.

That said, we all like to joke around and have a good time. Just keep the joking and rowdy behavior to a minimum when it threatens the pull at hand.